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  • We are anti-metric. We still use British imperial system, one of the only 3 countries in the world – Myanmar, the United States and Liberia. The government is trying to metricate though.
  • We don’t have last name nor surname. Family name doesn’t matter to us. We are who we are. The good things is that you don’t need to share any name with your siblings.
  • We are one of the richest…. only in terms of topography. We have everything (except a desert) from the snow-capped mountain in the north to beaches along Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea in the south.
  • We love pristine US$ bills so don’t bother bringing the old notes. Most money exchangers won’t accept it.
  • We love tea so much that not only we drink it but also we eat it, the leaves, pickled with garlic, tomato and fried peas (different types) to make a salad.

Tea Leaf  Salad

  • Chewing betel nut is a popular culture in the country. How do we do it?  First betel nut leaf is filled with hard squares of betel nut, spices and sometimes a pinch of tobacco and then folded up and popped in the mouth and chewed and the final result is the betel nut stain your teeth a reddish-brown, the little packages of blood-red saliva are spat out on the floor when finished — making for messy sidewalks. But be warned it’s highly addictive.


  • If you think “Muay Thai”  is violent, try its more violent brother;  Myanmar’s lethwei, a more extreme and bolder kick-boxing method with no gloves but with lots of blood and guts.


  • And this one called “Chinlone” , a ball game which focuses not on winning. What? Yes. It’s for those who want to showboat, and it is only being judged from how beautifully one plays the game.


  • Make a kissing sound if you want ……… to call a waiter especially in the crowded downtown teashop  like this.


  • Plumpness in Myanmar is regarded as a sign of health and richness. (except N.Korea)
  • Men wear skirts (Longyi) and tuck in on the front whereas women tuck in on the side.


  • You will find newspaper vendors on every street corners of major cities. Because internet is so slow that people still need to depend on prints.


  • Myanmar produces 90% of the world’s rubies, and most of the world’s remaining teak forests are in Myanmar.


  • Women (sometimes even men) wear a yellowish paste on their cheeks and foreheads. That’s the paste from the “Thanakha” tree. It’s kinda like a cosmetic for ladies, and also a blessing for people esp in tropical heat. It removes body odors and smells good.


  • The Kareni tribes of Myanmar are also known as the Long Neck People. Starting at a young age, girls start wearing heavy brass necklaces, to lengthen their necks. Women with long necks are considered to be the most beautiful in their village.


  • Hkakabo Razi, Myanmar’s highest peak, with an elevation of 19,295 feet (5,881 meters) is the highest in South East Asia.


  • Myanmar is the world’s second largest producer of illicit opium, after Afghanistan.


  • Myanmar has been the killing zone of WWII, with one of three largest World War II cemeteries – the Taukkyan cemetery.


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