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The beach is located a few miles away from Dawei (Tavoy), a city on the southern shoreline of Myanmar and located around 350 kilometers west of Thailand’s Bangkok.  The town of is a sleepy tropical town with a long history of trade and an increasing importance as a sea-port.  The town features some interesting architecture, with many old wooden, thatch-roofed bungalows and some colonial brick and stucco mansions. A half hour walk down the beach will take you to a lovely fishing village with small boats nestled in its harbour, and some picture-perfect beer stations where you can relax and take in the views and sea breeze. If you want to explore further south still, the sand becomes a more pristine shade of white, and the beach cleaner and emptier. There is currently only one hotel for foreigners at Maungmagan beach but Dawei has a number of hotel options.

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