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This beach is rather exciting for the adventurers. It is a very shallow, 4.5 km long beach and situated 100 km to the south of Ngapali Beach. The sand here is not white. It is a possible to drive from Ngapali to Yangon along the west coast and stop over at Kanthaya. It however is a very long and uncomfortable drive.Around 7 km north of Kanthaya is a small, shallow and lovely bay called Maw Shwe Chaing. There is a fishing and trading village at about 2 km from the bay. It is an ideal place for people who would like to get away from tourists and can do without comfort. Advance bookings are not possible. And sleeping overnight is possible as there is a small hotel nearby but you can’t be too choosy.

Getting There

Only by Car – If you are driving from Ngapali to Yangon along the west coast, you can stop over at Kanthaya.


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