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Chuang Tha beach (25 miles west of Pathein) is easily accessible from Myanmar and located just 5-6 hours drive away from,  Myanmar’s former capital. It’s where the waves of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean lap the shores, and the beach expanding fast with many beach side resort hotels along the beach front to accommodate more visitors flow. The beach is less expensive than Nge Saung and Ngapali beach, and normally crowded with local middle class Burmese families.

Seafood is fresh. The beach is pretty clean. Beach vendors are not pushy. It’s a proper beach resort by Myanmar standards. So nothing could go wrong in Chaung Tha if you are on a budget and in need of a proper sun and sand.



By Bus – Buses leave Yangon at 6am and 9pm (only in high season), and despite the short distance take 5-6 hours to reach Chaung Tha. The buses make 2 to 3 scheduled stops along the way at roadside cafes. The journey costs around $10. The roads are very bumpy and in bad shapes. If you have motion sickness, take your medication beforehand.  Return buses leave Chaungtha at 6am and occasionally 10am.

By Car or Taxi  (Recommended) –  Rent a car with a driver (a must) from your hotel. But it could be  expensive but you will get a fairly relaxing ride and a good sight-seeing trip. The most convenient way is asking Yangon taxi driver to take you by taxi so if you are travelling in a group of 3 or 4 and you split the cost it can be worthwhile. But remember the taxi will be returning empty, so you have to consider this when agreeing the price.


On Foot (Recommended) – The main strip is located directly by the beach, meaning all eating and relaxing needs can be satisfied on foot.

The motor bike taxis wait outside most of the hotels and are plentiful. Expect to pay up to $1 per trip, although nothing is very far. Sidecar (a bicycle with a sidecar of two back to back seats) are also available at a more leisurely pace for the same fare.


Pokala Island 

Pokala Island is a small island to the south of Chaung Tha beach easily accessible by a five-minute ferry ride. A trek around the island’s coast takes about 45 minutes and includes small secluded beaches, volcanic shoreline and dense jungle. The island is home to a small village of wooden huts that house local fishermen and their families. This is not a must-see destination but a decent trek for those looking to escape the beach for an hour. The trip is inexpensive and will cost no more than $2-3 per person, including transport to and from your hotel.

A Visit to Pathein

En route to Chaung Tha Beach,  you can visit Pathein, the capital of the Ayeyarwaddy Division. The city is a rice-milling and export centre, and famous for its pottery and colourful hand-made baskets and buckets.There you will see the famous Pathein umbrella, one of the well-known symbols of Myanmar. The colourful handmade parasols are the souvenir you shouldn’t miss.

Fishing & Jungle Trek  

A fishing trip is possible  to arrange from 8:30 to 13:00 and is about $30 in total for up to five guests. Additionally, an eight-hour guided jungle trek is available for 30,000 kyat for up to four guests.

Scooters are available for hire for 5,000 kyat per day in the low season (10,000 kyat per day during high season but including petrol). Bicycles are available for 1,500 kyat per day.




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