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Now visitors to Myanmar can view what Marco Polo described as 'one of the finest sights in the world' - from the unique and enchanting platform of a hot air balloon basket. The magic of Bagan has inspired visitors for many centuries. One of the most remarkable sights in Asia, ancient temples dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. Now 'Balloons over Bagan' affords visitors a unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom as it has never been seen before. Our champagne flights take place early in the morning, at sunrise or an hour or so before sunset. Light winds and stable weather conditions are needed, the speed of the balloon and the length of the flight are governed by the strength and velocity of the wind.

The Balloon Ride is seasonal event and is available from October - March. There are three balloon operators in Myanmar: Balloons over Bagan, Oriental Balloon, and Golden Eagle Balloon. The availability, terms & conditions, prices are subject to each operator. For more information and booking, please see below.


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We are an exclusive partner with all balloon operators and all the bookings through us are legit.

If you need a booking for more than 5 passengers or if you cannot find any available, please contact us. We will add you to the wait list for any available spot open.

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